Monday, April 13, 2020

Power of Music 1 - Classical Songs

Music is a powerful force.

Lizzie has always loved music. She grew up listening to music on the family radio. While Lizzie's mom was into Jazz and Swing, Lizzie and her brother fell in love with classical music.

At an early age, she could identify Bach from Beethoven from Brahms within only a few seconds of listening to a piece.

When we were old enough, Lizzie and my dad bought a piano on a rent-to-own program and scrounged up the money for my sister and I to take piano lessons.

Nothing made Lizzie happier than listening to us practice the piano, especially the classical pieces that were never our favourites.

close up of piano keys on a well-loved piano
Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

Now, we can often use her love of classical music to help redirect her during stressful times.

Who is your favourite classical composer/song?

Who was your favourite classical composer/song when you were a kid?

What was the first song you remember hearing on the radio with your brother?

Did you and your brother both like the same composers/songs?

When you and your brother made your bands, what songs did you play?

When you and your brother made your bands, what did you use for instruments?

Did you have other friends who liked music like you and your brother?

What did your mom and dad think about the music you listened to?

Did you ever make up words to go along with the music?

Did you sing as a family? What songs?

How about you? Do you ever use music to help redirect your Loved One? Does your Loved One enjoy classical music as well?


DMS said...

I never used music with my grandpa- but after reading this I can see what a great idea that is. Music always takes me back to different places when I hear it.

I did use food though. Even though my grandfather didn't remember who I was anymore- every time I visited him I brought him his favorite fried clam sandwich and he did remember me as the lady who brought him his favorite food and he "almost" remembered me. Or he remembered he really cared for me and liked me a lot. And now- I think of him every time I have that same sandwich. :)

Jo said...

Matt does like Classical music, especially Pavarotti. But he also loves Celtic Thunder, we have all their DVDs and he will watch those ad nauseum. Mind you, I enjoy them too. I never thought of distracting him that way, thanks for the idea. He was a singer in his youth, top British boy chorister at one time, and he was an excellent pianist. Unfortunately, he gave up the piano when he was 17 and never took it up again. Last time he tried to play, he couldn't. Singing deserted him when his voice broke. Still likes to talk about it though.

Jemi Fraser said...

Jess - Yes! Music takes mom to happy places so often. And food is a huge help as well. What a lovely, lovely memory you have now. I'm going to think of your grandfather every time I have a sandwich now!

Jo - What a talented man!! Music is so powerful for Mom. I can sing snippets of songs to help distract her. I don't know the classical pieces, but just chatting with her about it helps to distract her too. Glad Matt likes to chat about it as well!

Himawan Sant said...

I also like music to accompany my activities a lot. Proven if the music becomes encouraging activity.

Greetings from Indonesia

Jo said...

Dunno about chatting Jemi, he likes to tell people about how he was spoiled when he sang for the local naval barracks, but I don't think he remembers much more than that. Today he likes to tell us about the tree he can see from his chair which is a good indicator of windy weather.

Jemi Fraser said...

Himawan - nice to hear from you in Indonesia! Music is such a positive force in so many ways and for so many people!

Jo - love that at least he remembers he sang, but so sad he's lost those positive memories. We go with mom's direction of conversation as well. Anything to keep her involved in talking.