Monday, April 6, 2020

COVID-19 and Lockdown

The world is currently dealing with an incredibly serious virus that is calling for unprecedented safety measures being taken in many areas.

For us, one of those safety measures is that Lizzie's nursing home is in lockdown. No visitors allowed. (Our home is making exceptions for end-of-life situations and allowing limited visitors who are healthy and pass screening.) Within the home, the residents are staying within their own units (about 30 people so still opportunities to socialize) and there are no big gatherings in the common room.

We're really glad the home is in lockdown even though it means we can't see Lizzie. More than anything we want her to remain safe and healthy.

Our nursing home has a terrific staff. They are working hard to keep the residents active and talking with them and each other.

If Lizzie was on the 1st or even the 2nd floor, we've go see her and wave through the window, but from her floor she wouldn't be able to see us. At the beginning of lockdown, there was also still a lot of snow and getting around to her side of the building would have been tough anyway!

elderly woman seated on a bench in a shaded garden
Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash

Lizzie no longer understands how to use a telephone so calling her isn't an option.

Within a few days of the lockdown we got a call from a staff member. They were arranging Face Time and Skype visits between residents and family. A staff member sits with Lizzie and runs the call and helps her out with the conversation. Sometimes a person on screen doesn't make sense to Lizzie.

What a great idea!! Creative problem solving at its best. It has made us all a lot happier.

How are you coping if your Loved One is in a nursing home?
If your Loved One is at your home or on their own, how is it going?


Patricia Josephine aka Patricia Lynne said...

That's good they can set up facetime and Skype so you can keep "visiting" her.

Jemi Fraser said...

I agree!! I'm so impressed with the staff. They really care about her - and when she was sad the other day, I got a bonus call because they knew it would help her feel better! said...

I saw your book in another blog as far as I remember. I hope everyone can dance with their illnessess...

Jemi Fraser said...

ReHiTu - thanks for dropping by. I hope the same - so far we can't cure the disease so we might as well learn to dance!

Jo said...

Surely it's about time they did learn how to cure the disease. I keep hearing things telling us they are making scientific breakthroughs, but nothing filters down to us yet. My lockdown is with my husband but that makes it more difficult in a way. Luckily we have always spent a lot of time together and I am no longer fit enough to go out much anyway.

Jemi Fraser said...

Jo - it's so hard! I feel for you. I'm so glad mom is in the home where she's safe and there are people who are helping her stay entertained. We're so lucky with the staff in her home. I'm not sure I could manage with her if she was here.

Jo said...

I asked Matt, last night, if he wanted to talk to his daughters, in England, on Zoom (f2f) but he was extremely reluctant to do so. I think he knows he is not the dad they would remember.

Jemi Fraser said...

Jo - that makes my heart ache! I bet they would like to see him anyway. Maybe if he had something concrete to show them or to talk about. I hope they can connect somehow!